Társkereső smile.

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társkereső smile

Magamról I like to smile. Little things társkereső smile I'm not one for faffing around or taking 2 hours to get ready. But I don't scrub up badly ;- I like the gym.

társkereső smile

But I'm not a gym bunny! I like food, and a nice dinner with a good bottle of red and someone to share it with would be a lovely társkereső smile to spend an evening.

társkereső smile

Fancy a woodland walk, a stroll through a park, sandy beaches and rolling waves? Find me a bookshop I could disappear happily for a while Why indeed.? Well, now that we have established that I am not perfect, it's time to blow my own horn as, apparently, according to a good friend, self- depreciation is not a good thing on a dating website Társkereső smile, here goes: I am good company-well most of the time I don't moan too much about my nearly daily commute.

Leteszteltem az ÖSSZES TÁRSKERESŐ APPOT! -A Nagy Társkereső Teszt-

Actually no, I don't owe a pair of wellies, so that's not quite true. And if I did, I still probably would prefer my evening dress I also ramble considerably less and am so so much better at talking about myself in person!

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