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And then, largely by way of well-meaning grandparents, discover that plastic, acrylics and the patriarchy still found you?


While I've decided I'm not mad about the nostalgic Duplo and the quick-dry "knitwear", it's the children's stories from yesteryear, and some more recent, that I'm loath to keep on the bookshelf. After a year of nightly bedtime stories, and at the risk of the opprobrium of other mums and dads out there, here are seven of the least woke, morals-amiss kids' books I and fellow parents have come across.

But I've met someone I want so I need to leave the devil I know She's a motorcycle rider I don't know anybody like her She's a teaser and a fighter And I've got to get beside her Tomboy I want you I want you so badly Tomboy

Where is the female version of Mr Strong? No doubt, was Hargreaves to conceive of the series today we'd see a far more acceptable range of empowering traits bestowed in place of the Little Miss monikers.

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea, by Judith Kerr First published: It's the final dilemma and its resolution that will irk many new parents reading this classic story: "Mummy", pictured with broom in hand, looks at the mess left by the tiger and declares: "I don't know what to do.

I've got nothing for Daddy's supper.

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She gives him her fruit, her branches, her trunk to build a boat. She gives until there is nothing left but her stump upon which the boy, who has become an old man, sits to rest.

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Praised as a lesson in unconditional love on the one hand, it's also been deemed sexist, encouraging tomboy know an exploitative relationship and exemplary of a son treated in such a way as to create a human incapable of gratitude and reciprocity. If this one's already on your bookshelf, perhaps the story can be used as a discussion tool around how not to treat your parent It's then posited that he's also "really very bad" at dancing.

At tomboy know centre of Laurent Pelly's glittering production was the trio of Natalie Dessay, Juan Diego Florez and Alessandro Corbelli and they were not merely three of the greatest voices on the planet. Dessay's first entrance as the regiment's ginger-pigtailed tomboy mascot, clutching a pile of ironing bigger than herself, began a tour de force of superlative acting and perfectly timed slapstick comedy. The production will be broadcast tomboy know BBC4 this Christmas. Dessay is now such a star that her two Barbican appearances this month and in January the French soprano's first concert appearances, as opposed to operatic ones, in London are already almost sold out.

As such, he's teased by tomboy know other animals and feels so bad that he skips out on the annual dance. But when a kindly cricket helps him find his groove, he returns to the dance and is applauded by the animals who were cruel to him earlier.

Good for Gerald, but as a friend pointed out, the moral is amiss here: If you're bad at something, everyone will make fun of you.

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To be accepted, you'll have to find a way to be good at it. Advertisement 5. Butt out!

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By Stuart Lynch First published: An tomboy know to provide a lesson about teasing, this story doesn't quite get it right. While it's clearly an attempt to provide a lesson about teasing, it doesn't strike the right balance, doing tomboy know to suggest cruel taunts and illustrate the characters in belittling settings than it does to provide examples of kindness and acceptance.

Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak First published: Amid the fantasy and beautiful pictures, is there a lesson in parenting gone wrong here?

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As fun and fantastical as the story of Max and the Wild Things is, a friend and fellow parent points to the problematic parenting depicted here: Max, dressed up as a wolf, playfully threatens to eat his mum.

But she punishes him by sending him to his room tomboy know dinner.

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My friend's take on this: "No wonder he has such a rich fantasy tomboy know, he's processing the trauma of his abusive home. However, according to the Guardian, it was because Sendak couldn't stand his mother's cooking. The stories of well-known individuals as children who went on to excel in various fields present a sense of accessibility to achieve great things, no matter one's situation, gender or personal challenges.

As absolutely woke as these books might tomboy know, I can't let slide the following, spotted in the tomboy know of the hardback version of Frida Kahlo: "