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Laboratory examination The laboratory tests are used for examining and determining the presence and quantity of different biochemical compounds in body fluids.

The blood sample is sent to flört allthetests laboratory, where its composition is measured and determined with the help of different procedures, instruments and several testing agents.

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However, a simple blood sample may not be enough to determine all important criteria for establishing a diagnosis. There are several diseases which are not or can barely be detected for a long period of time from blood, therefore urine or stool examination flört allthetests also be required. At Medoc Health Centre our staff collects your blood sample in a pleasant and calm environment and you can also drop off any urine or stool samples required for further examinations.

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Moreover, in case of follow-up examinations you do not have to wait the time interval for flört allthetests next examination determined by Social Security. As your comfort is important flört allthetests us, returning to our office for the report is not necessary, as we provide it to you by e-mail or regular mail, which - for a fee - we can help you interpret.

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After a certain age, a yearly laboratory examination is recommended. However, if you are leading a physically or mentally straining life, even more frequent controls may be advisable. Many people ask for an examination, even when they do not have any symptom.

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This is one of the simplest ways of disease prevention.