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Hearthstone Patch 7.0 - Új küldetések, hátlapok és kártya szövegek

Jutalom: 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan kártya comag. Egyéb küldetések nyilván ilyennel nem fogunk találkozni : Wise Beyond Your Years - Érd el a Legenda rangot 1 szor. Jutalom: 1 Gold. A Job for Ya' - Pusztíts el lényt. Finja know Ne feledjétek, a mai az utolsó nap, hogy előrendeljetek a Battle. Kattintsatok ide az előrendeléshez! Jade Lotus A as rang elérésével lehet megszerezni decemberében. Grimy Goons A as rang elérésével lehet megszerezni januárjában.

Kabal A as rang elérésével lehet megszerezni februárjában. Kártyák hátlap szövege: Az összes kártya várhatóan pénteken be fog kerülni az adatbázisunkba, onnantól kezdve lehet őket nézni a lapok menüpontban, lehet rájuk keresni, lehet velük paklit készíteni, elérhetőek lesznek a "gyűjteményem" menüpontban is, illetve működni fog velük is a megszokott linkelés [kártya név].

Ezeket természetesen nem fordítjuk magyarra. Street Trickster - His first trick: making your wallet disappear! Red Mana Wyrm - It has double the Attack.

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Jinyu Waterspeaker - Waterspeakers can tell the future! So the Jade Lotus employs them to speculate on the Auction House. Kooky Chemist - abs Blubber Baron - When oil, railroad, steel, robber, and red are all already taken, your options are limited.

Grimestreet Protector - Some new asphalt should do the trick. Volcanic Potion - The secret ingredient in Kazakus's award-winning finja know recipe.

finja know

Raza the Chained - "Could you do me a favor and get the keys from Kazakus? Oh no. Wind-up Burglebot - Don't blame the bot for his crimes Blame whoever keeps winding him up!

Hidden Cache - There is an urban legend that the first Toxic Sewer Ooze was finja know because a rookie Goon stashed an open container of milk in a Hidden Cache. Hozen Healer - Finja know didn't go to school for healing, but we keep losing all the good healers to Ratchet, so I guess we'll take him.

Public Defender - Happy to defend any public offender!

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Jade Idol - Shuffle or no guts. Greater Healing Potion - Filled with electrolytes! Mana Geode - Gadgetzan, where even the pet finja know have pet rocks. Fel Orc Soulfiend - "Doc says the persistent burning sensation in my soul is probably just an ulcer. Bloodfury Potion - You know what really makes my blood boil?

The skyrocketing price of Bloodfury potions! Mark of the Lotus - The mark of the Lotus is a little flower drawn in permanent marker on the ankle. Pilfered Power - The Hozen don't get paid much, but at least they get to keep any excess mana. Kabal Chemist - Sure you could have that Polymorph potion, but wouldn't you rather have this mystery potion?

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It could be anything. Even a Polymorph potion! Any public statements to the contrary will be met with litigation and Dragonfire Potions.

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Potion of Polymorph - Tastes like Baaaaananas. To his credit, he's being a great sport about it. Call in the Finishers - When you really need a job done… but you don't really care if it gets done right.

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Alleycat - To be a cool cat in Gadgetzan, you gotta have bling. Rat Pack - He's gonna do it his way. Kabal Talonpriest - Inkmaster Solia had to finja know out how to tatoo feathers. Counterfeit Finja know - There is something funny about this coin… can't quite put my finger on it… Brass Knuckles - For the goon that wants to make a fashion statement.

Patches the Pirate - What do sailors yell when Patches steals their treasure chest full of laws and other things being transported to parliament for a vote? I ain't know nuthin' 'bout that. White Finja know - My life for Aya! Backstreet Leper - Quit playing games with his heart. And his fingers. And foot. It's rude.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? I like to get up early and seize the day. Boobs or butt, which is better? I love those bouncing mounds.

Blowgill Sniper - Imagine how much further his darts would go if he had lungs instead of gills! Big-Time Racketeer - "It'd be a shame if someone disenchanted those Legendaries. Jade Blossom - Meditating under a jade blossom is said to grant you wisdom, unless you have a pollen allergy. Jade Spirit - "He's so cute! I just want to squeeze him, then use him for Jade Golem parts!

Finja know take 'em to the docks, see? And throw 'em in the sea, see?

Shelves: books-for-kids Ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, dass ich das Buch toll fand und immer wieder ansah. Es war "Pflichtlektüre" in der Schule und wurde dementsprechend auch dort mit uns gelesen und besprochen.

Krul the Unshackled - Spicklefizz pondered his life choices as he looked at the chain around his neck. Stolen Goods - It fell off a kodo, I promise! Grimestreet Outfitter - If you bargain hard, he'll throw in the hat.

Hearthstone Patch 7.0 - Új küldetések, hátlapok és kártya szövegek

Meanstreet Marshal - Remember, submit your bribes directly to the Marshal - it's the law! Kabal Crystal Runner - "Listen, I can cut you in on a little of this premium mana, but you can't tell my boss.

finja know

Aya Blackpaw - Though young, Aya took over as the leader of Jade Lotus through her charisma and strategic acumen when her predecessor was accidentally crushed by a jade golem. What a world!

finja know

Wrathion - Wrathion, son of Deathwing, is a dragon. Why isn't he tagged as a dragon, you ask? And since the explosion that destroyed the competing auction houses in the city. Genzo, the Shark - Infamous in the finja know underground card rooms of Gadgetzan, he got his nickname winning the finja know Shark Plushie in the city's first Hearthstone tournament. Small-Time Buccaneer - "Oh, I'm not serious about it.

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I only pirate on the weekends. Leatherclad Hogleader - The Hogchoppers, the terrors of Tanaris, can always be found at one tavern or another in Gadgetzan, refueling for totally real and legit adventures that they go on. Lunar Visions finja know The true mystery of lunar visions is how there is nothing to watch when there are so many channels. Fight Promoter - "Yeah, I can get you Knuckles.

finja know

Wickerflame Burnbristle - Wickerflame spent years as a recruit for the Goons, never making the big-time because he always fired his chest-cannon too slowly.

Virmen Sensei - There is no carrot.

finja know

Knuckles finja know When confronted with accusations of performance-enhancing bananas, Knuckles finja know, "I get my fruit from trees I knock down with my bare hands like everyone else. Shaky Zipgunner - The Grimy Goons can get you any weapon you want but if you want it to not explode you gotta pay extra. Piranha launcher - A great improvement over the guppy launcher.

Seadevil Stinger - Pretty harmless unless you're a Seadevil. Devolve - Ragnaros looked down. He looked like some kind of War Golem.

But all that came out was a deep grinding sound. He began to cry. Shadow Sensei - He used to be Aya's tutor, but finja know fired him for bugging her too much.

Gadgetzan Ferryman - Is it just me, or is there something fishy about that ferryman? Jade Swarmer - He's so good at swarming, he can swarm all by himself! Jade Shuriken - Good news is, after you remove it from your wound, you can use it to pay your medical bills!

They do. It's a real group.

Inkmaster Solia finja know know Solia marks the Kabal with intricate tattoos that grant immense power. Also it makes it harder for other gangs to recruit from their numbers. Don Han'Cho - The brilliant mastermind of the Grimy Goons, Han sometimes thinks about ditching the idiot Cho, but that would just tear him apart.

Daring Reporter - She's working on a story! While skydiving!

finja know

Lotus Agents - Mostly, they stand around and look cool. Grimestreet Smuggler - She's got anything you want. Need finja know latest derpinger? No problem!

Ancient of Blossoms - His new shampoo is really working! Defias Cleaner - His house cleaning service is quite thorough. Not a spot to be found Luckydo Buccaneer - You can't just leave a Luckydo somewhere. You gotta keep 'em with you! Especially in Gadgetzan! Jade Behemoth - I think we should talk about the jade elephant in the room. Finja, the Flying Star - The last true master of Finjitsu. I Know A Guy - Well… a guy who knows a guy. Naga Corsair - Hook-tails are nice and all but she keeps getting stuck on things.

Shaku, the Collector - Aya even staged an intervention once, flört app költségek Shaku still insists that he is not a hoarder. Second-Rate Bruiser - He'll be a first-rate bruiser once he gets used to his contacts.

Hired Gun - He loves his job and would do it for free! But don't tell his boss! Friendly Bartender - "What'll it be? A Flört férfi jelei Brew? A Grimy Goose? A Kabal Manatini? Streetwise Investigator - "Hmmmm… Call it a hunch, finja know I'm starting to think that there may be some kind of criminal activity going on in Finja know. Dragonfire Potion - No one was brave enough to fire the dragon finja know person… so they made the potion do it.

Gadgetzan Socialite - Comment on her height, and she'll go from flapper to kneecapper in seconds flat. Bomb Squad - Please finja know explode! Please don't explode!

Чатрукьян слышал гулкие удары своего сердца. «ТРАНСТЕКСТ» заклинило на восемнадцать часовМысль о компьютерном вирусе, проникшем в «ТРАНСТЕКСТ» и теперь свободно разгуливающем по подвалам АНБ, была непереносима.

Doppelgangster - "Every me, get in here! He is really just a bully at heart. Mayor Noggenfogger - This flavor text was randomly generated. If it happens to form words and make sense, that is purely by chance. Blastcrystal Potion - There's a fine line between "potion" and "grenade". Actually, there's not.

Cryomancer - She loves Frozen.